«WITHOUT FORMAT», 18.02.2022

Star of the music scene, winner of prestigious music awards, Honored Artist of Russia since last year became a soloist of the opera troupe of the Chuvash Opera and Ballet Theatre. Each of her visits to the capital of the republic is an event.

Yesterday, February 17, Tatyana Pechnikova performed the part of Martha in the opera The Tsar's Bride by N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov. The performance took place at the Opera and Ballet Theatre. And today the singer held a master class on academic vocals at the Institute of Culture.

The participants of the master class were students of musical specialties of the university and students of the school of culture. The opera singer successfully combines her rich creative activity with pedagogical work, the first thing that Tatyana Pechnikova told the audience about. I received a very good musical education, it was easy for me to work with Russian and Western colleagues. I say this so that you use the opportunity to develop yourself, gain more knowledge, treat your special disciplines in more depth. This helps in further work on the stage , ”advised Tatyana Pechnikova.

The teacher said that a broad understanding of the system of the vocal school has developed due to the development of Russian musical culture, combined with many years of experience in European theaters. Tatyana Pechnikova shared her knowledge with the students and teachers present, auditioned individual performers. At my master classes, I listen to you, guide you in further work, I can offer exercises that, I believe, can help develop the necessary qualities, plus what your teacher has already developed in you ... the main task in learning is set by the teacher in order to the fourth year, the performer was in good shape ,” said Tatyana Pechnikova.